A June full of 'Science & Art' for SensJus


SensJus in June has been very busy for a series of events organized or co-curated at the intersection of Art & Science around the JRC site in Ispra and Milan:

Credit: Alice Toietta
Credit: Alice Toietta
  • We will moderate a panel on Nature & Law and we will participate actively to the Science&Art Summer School that we co-curated over the last months, the Resonances IV "Naturarchy" programme, taking place at the JRC site from 20 to 24 June 2022. 

Last but not least, we organized several activities - such as a drawing jam session and a sensorial walk - at our gazebo on the SensJus project at the KlimatFest 2022, Milan. Watch a short video here. We also joined a session on 'Monitoring Communities for watching over PNRR public funds expenditure' with Association Libera. 

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