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Le projet SensJus a lancé une courte bande dessinée relatant l'histoire d'une sentinelle civique, qui raconte le combat de beaucoup et une leçon d'espoir.

SensJus recently launched an 'experiment'. As our research often addresses participants who may have a low literacy level, we realized that standard consent forms were not meaningful for the aim of achieving an aware participation and informed consent. Therefore, we realized, together with an artist, forms that combine visuals and text. With the...

''Corporate greed for profit can have major ecological and social consequences. What can lay citizens do to prove that there is a link between industrial emissions and the quality of their living environment?''

Con el proyecto SensJus, hemos elaborado un breve cómic sobre una centinela cívica, recorriendo la historia de muchos y dando un mensaje de esperanza.

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