Recordings of SensJus final event: July 7, 2023


We celebrated the closure of the SensJus project with an engaged event in hybrid mood at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre. During the event, we shared our scientific results, research methods and art-based practices. 

Our Deputy Head of Unit Michele Vespe and project advisor Sven Schade opened the event. Anna discussed key take-aways and methods applied. Two artists accompanied us with a discussion on illustrating science with drawings and with sensorial experiences. Above, pictures of the event and of the 'sentinels' made by the participants with clay.

You missed the event in person, make sure to watch the recordings!

Find below the agenda and the bios of the artists engaged in our event.


11-11:30: the SensJus project and key takeaways from a content and methodological perspective, drawing on SensJus recently published policy-brief

11:30-11:50: the results on display, session with illustrator Alice Toietta,* co-author of our graphic novel and several other joint visual works

11:50-12:00: coffee break

12:00-12:30: participatory workshop with sensorial artist and sculptor Sandra Gargowitsch**

12:30-13:00: Q&A and discussion with the participants.

13:00-14:00: lunch accompanied by an exhibition of SensJus work

*Bio of the artist: Alice Toietta is a freelance illustrator, working mainly in the field of science communication. She specializes in visual reporting, i.e. simultaneous illustration of concepts expressed in words: through images and the use of small metaphors, it is easier to approach complex topics, and to identify key words and concepts related to specific issues. She collaborates on projects with a fiction part, such as small graphic novels or comic books. The topic that is closest to her heart is the struggle for social justice related to the climate and ecological emergency, and she has had the opportunity in recent years to contribute to projects related to this issue through her illustrations as well. Contact: 

**Overview of the session: "Yours right are in your hands! - A sensory workshop to embody civil sentinels" - The workshop proposes to experiment the contact of the clay with a special awareness on the tactile sense. Each participant will create their own civic sentinel and take part of a collective installation. Bio of the artist: Sandra Gargowitsch is a Franco-Slovenian sculptor, poet writer and performer. Clay offers her an unlimited field of exploration and sensitive experiments, that she likes to share through exhibitions and workshops. She works mainly with sandstone, but also with other materials like wood, wool, metal, stones that she collects up for their textures and vibrations. Life in process, shapes of nature are her main sources of inspiration. Media and contacts: - fb: sandra gar - Instagram: terre.reine - 

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